Thoughts from a Thankful Heart!

It was just a week ago while I was in Ottawa, Kansas that a new friend of  mine asked me if I was going to share the stories I was told while volunteering  for Extreme Makeover Home Edition.  I agree with her that the stories should not stop with me.  They must continue on in an effort to continue the awareness about mental illness that occurred in Ottawa.  My heart is overflowing with thanks for all of the amazing people that I met and that so openly shared their challenges and in turn gave me a sense of hope and strength.


3 thoughts on “Thoughts from a Thankful Heart!

  1. Rhonda Tiegreen says:

    I was so touched by your story. Thank you for sharing. You have touched the lives of so many others. Thanks also for everything you and your husband did on the Extreme Makeover Home Edition house. What a blessing to everyone!
    Rhonda Tiegreen
    Canyon Creek Construction

    • stacysflutterings says:

      Thank you Rhonda! It was one of the best experiences of our life! It would be awesome to do again! We are already having Ottawa withdrawals! Thank you for being a significant part of our story!

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