Swimming in Paperwork

Life had become rather muddled as bipolar disorder descended on our loved one and family several years ago.  It was after Kim’s second attempt that I realized that this was real.  Denial was no longer a welcome guest in our home. It was time we rose to the occasion and faced our reality, but how?  I was not sure what to do.  No one said, “Stacy, here is book that details out what you need to do next.”  I did what I know how to do, and that was to start using a binder for all the paperwork that I found myself surrounded by.  As a non-traditional student I am used to using binders to organize my college papers.  That is just what I did with Kim’s information.  It sounds rather simple, but it has become an important tool in our toolbox.  I had a lot of paperwork: medical records, hospital discharge papers, physician and counselor contact information, referrals, medical insurance paperwork, medication guides, resources and anecdotal notes.  What better place to safely keep her paperwork.  It is easy for us to refer back to and easy to store.  It also has an air of confidentiality to it.  All documentation is handy if we find we need it.  It is one less thing that we have to be concerned about.  Life is a little less cluttered.  We have time to focus on what is really important.  Just a thought…


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