The Sounds of Volunteerism

Oh…how I wish I were in Joplin, Missouri this week!  I can only imagine how awesome it must be to meet the wonderful people of Joplin and all the volunteers who are lending a helping hand.  It was just a few months ago when I was in Ottawa, Kansas with Bill helping build Gina and Sergeant Allen Hill’s new home.  What a significant experience and time in my life!  It is such an amazing feeling to meet phenomenal people from all over the world coming together to literally build one another up!  How can I wallow for long in my sorrows when the need in so great throughout our country as well as our world?  Instead of wallow Bill and I move forward sparked by our own experiences.  With great energy we find ourselves volunteering.

Upon his arrival in Joplin Bill started out framing a house on Wednesday, October 19th, and now he is busy working in Art World.  As much as I desire I can’t visually see what is happening so I want to share a different perspective regarding volunteerism.  Since I am not in Joplin with Bill, I am having a totally different experience on this side of it!  Since he is volunteering with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition he is not able to send pictures of the projects he is working on.  However, when we talk on the phone I can hear what I call “the sounds of volunteerism.”  I thought I would share with everyone what I am experiencing from afar.  Even though I am not on location I can hear and feel the spirit of giving back and helping rebuild a community.

Additionally, I find that as Bill and I move forward with a healthier perspective we build hope for our children: Paul, Kim, Katlin and our granddaughter.  We encourage them to get involved!  Actually, the person who took this cool picture is Kim!  Whether we are facing mental illness, addictions, stigma, destruction caused by natural disasters or a multitude of other challenges may we never give up hope!