Joplin Reflections ~ Day 1 Con’t

The Art World wasn’t quite ready for me to begin projects so I found a crew starting to work on the garage for house 5. I joined the crew and we spent the day framing and sheathing the entire garage. I was constantly amazed at the quality of work the crew did and the speed at which they went. The crew was local and from Rhodes Construction. We started framing around 2 PM and finished up around 12:30 AM. Imagine a two car garage being built in about 10 hours with everyone happy and no one getting so much as a scratch! Imagine taking this kind of teamwork and effort in other aspects of America and think about the amazing things we could accomplish! We turned the garage over to the roofers and I went to get some rest. Learned a ton about framing and met fantastic people, what an amazing first day!!!