Dreaming of Warmer Weather and a Raspberry Lemonade!

As I sit here recovering from a lower back procedure I had done earlier today, I find myself mentally retreating to images of warm summer nights, especially when I look outside on this dreary day.  It somehow makes it easier to confront the cold of winter that has made its presence known.

I can’t see it, but I can hear the frigid air dancing outside my window spinning, curling and winding its way somehow through my front window.  A touch of cold air brushes by me as it touches my skin.  Goosebumps come alive!  I enjoy the newness each season brings.  However, this winter I find that I am ready to move on now to warmer weather!

For now my memories will have to get me through.  Until then…

I think about the fireflies that danced and hovered low across our lawn.  They moved so slowly.  The kids and I chased them and if lucky caught one…only for a moment though!  We let them go with their bright light casting a neon yellow glow…their wings carried them gracefully to a new distant place.

I think about the feel of the warm air as it embraced us just as if to give us a hug.   The air was thick with the scent of swimming pool chlorine and sunscreen lotion.

And with warmer weather comes a cold drink.  I imagine a drink that I had last summer.  It was a tall, frothy, pink-raspberry lemonade.  A sprig of mint dangled across the glass rim.  The sweet raspberry scent filled the air.  Sounds so good doesn’t it?

Oh well…for now I will make a cup of hot cocoa complete with fluffy marshmallows and enjoy visiting with Kim.  The cocoa will do, but I sure look forward to those warm summer nights!