Reflections of Support

When I awoke this morning I found myself feeling very thankful.  Thankful is such a wonderful place to be!  What am I thankful for on this beautiful Sunday?  I will try to explain.  The past few weeks have been almost blissful.  To write the word b-l-i-s-s-f-u-l seems almost foreign, and it feels so good!  You see, somewhere along my travels I almost lost sight of thinking and feeling blissful.  We seem to have toiled for so long in the realm of supporting our loved one with finding and maintaining a healthy mental health balance that I somehow managed to have lost that feeling of blissfulness.  It’s like I took feeling happiness and joy, as if they were tangible, and set them carelessly on a shelf so high I could barely reach them.  I don’t know about you, but I happen to have kitchen cabinets that are tall.  They are fabulous for storage purposes.  However, to reach the top shelf I need a stool, and sometimes when I am reaching for an item I have to blindly reach to the back of the cabinet to find what it is I am looking for.  It seems that is what happened to that feeling of blissfulness.  It was never far from reach.

I think what has brought about the wonderful feeling of blissfulness is stepping back and seeing the fruits of our labor.  I knew almost instinctively that by providing support it would potentially pay dividends too grand to even comprehend.  And that is just what has happened!  I understand that the words I write today may not seem like much, but the next few words that are written at the end of my post are priceless.  The words are intentional.  The words reflect education, treatment, love, unwavering support and never giving up on ourselves or one another.  The words are from my loved one who for awhile could not put pen to paper because her thoughts came so fast that by the time she tried to write she would forget the words.  How thankful my heart is and how blissful I feel.  May we always support one another know matter who we are or how different our paths may be…growing stronger…

You found me
not struggle free
facing my enemies
taking it day by day
to trace back to my real self
You love me
so wonderfully
you face my enemies with me
taking it day by day
to trace back to the real us
complete trust
I’ve never known before
You’re so beautiful
your heart and mine accept
the struggle we’ve been through
and now we’re back to the real us
You found me
~ written by Kimberly King 2/26/12 ~