I’m Glad You Came…

No matter how old I get I absolutely love music!  It is so uplifting and inspiring.  Music has a magical way of reaching in and touching my soul.  When I hear a favorite song I like to turn up the volume.  When I surround myself with the sound of music life’s stressors melt away like fresh winter icicles dissolving under the hot sun.  And if you asked me what song is my favorite I would have a difficult time picking just one.  I enjoy a variety of genres new and old.  Actually, thinking about the word “favorite” takes me back in time to when I was a little girl.  I remember visiting my grandmother who lived in Spokane, Washington.  I would sit at her kitchen table anxiously awaiting to try a bite of her newest creation like lemon meringue pie.  Each time that she would bake something I would say, “Nana!  That’s my favorite!”  She would laugh and say, “Stacy, everything is your favorite!”  Nana was so right.  The same holds true for music.  I think every song is my favorite!

Currently, one of the songs sweeping the nation is “Glad You Came” by the British band The Wanted.  It is one of my favorites!  The lyrics include statements like, “…all that counts is here and now…” and “…my universe will never be the same…I’m glad you came…”  Every-time I hear the song I think of my amazing husband and children.  I understand that it is written for couples, but I think that some of the lyrics apply to relationships beyond the scope of lovers.

When I hear, “My universe will never be the same.  I’m glad you came…” I instantly think about Bill, Paul, Kim, Katlin and my granddaughter Marissa.  My universe truly would never be the same without them.  I am so glad they came!  I can’t even begin to write how I feel about my husband and kids because there are no words.  My love for them is beyond anything I ever would have imagined.  I can say that with them everything is right in the world.

And in closing, I want to share with everyone else in my universe…family, friends, my readers and newcomers as well…”I’m glad you came.”

Growing stronger…

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