Discovering Hope

This past weekend a friend told me about {Hope}station.   She also gave my family and I {Hope}station t-shirts.  The idea is that on the back of the t-shirt you write your story thus instilling hope and letting others know that they are not alone.  As you can tell by the picture above Kim and I did just that.  What a fantastic way to share hope!  And what an amazing organization.

{Hope}station was actually in Joplin, Missouri last year spreading hope after the city was devastated by tornadoes.  I am so touched by their mission.

We now want to share this remarkable organization with you.   The founder, Stephanie Tillman, exemplifies strength.  She transcended the challenges of addictions and homelessness in a phenomenal way.  She not only found God and sobriety, but she developed the  company  To learn more about her story and how she is making a positive impact I encourage you to check out {Hope}station where you  can purchase a t-shirt as well and share your story.

Growing stronger…