Resourcefulness After the Rain

A simple conversation between my beautiful, youngest daughter Katlin and I turned into a thought provoking experience for the both of us on a warm and sunny Wednesday afternoon.  There was nothing special about that Wednesday.  It was just an ordinary day.  The date was May 23rd, 2012.  The day casually passed by and before I knew it morning had somehow turned into afternoon.  Katlin stopped by our home to visit with Bill and I before heading to her place.  We feel so fortunate that she works very near to where we live.  The reward for us as parents is that she graces us oftentimes with her presence by stopping by the house after a long day of work.  Being in the company of my children and granddaughter brings me great pride and joy, and a sense of calm washes over me as I bask in their presence.  It seems that everything is right in the world when they are near.  This was one of those days…

After Katlin relaxed a little and talked about the days events it was time for her to head home.  As she stood up and began to walk towards the front door I stood up as well and sauntered behind her as I usually do.  I like to walk outside with the kids when they decide to leave.  We usually visit along the way.  I followed Katlin out to the street where her car was parked.  As our conversation continued to unfold she proceeded to get in her car, roll down the drivers side window and buckle up for the ride home.  The fact that she was headed home and about ready to put the car in drive didn’t seem to affect the pace of our conversation.

As we busily chatted back and forth she nonchalantly pointed out a bird that had landed in a nearby puddle.  We both chuckled as we watched it clean itself in what appeared to be dirty rain water that had pooled in a small divot on the side of the road.  After laughing about the bird washing in a puddle we continued to talk.  Before we said much more we heard feathers flutter and flap loudly as bird after bird landed in the small puddle and washed.  They appeared to be taking turns.  Just as one finished washing and flew off another one would swoop down, land and wash it’s feathers complete with a brisk dip of it’s head into the murky water.  The collection of rain water in a tiny pocket in the road had become a bird bath!  Our conversation slowed as we watched the birds fly in one by one and wash.  To our amazement we saw several bird species within minutes!  We don’t know for sure what species we saw, but red breasted robins were among the many fine feathered bathers that day.  We also saw what looked like house-birds!  Two petite, bright yellow birds decided to partake in what had become a community bath.  I made the comment, “Talk about using your resources!”  Katlin laughed and agreed.  Soon after…Katlin drove off, and I headed back towards the house.  As I walked up the driveway I felt joy.  I felt joy from my visit with Katlin and joy that we experienced the resourcefulness of the birds who happened to be flying by.

Growing stronger…


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