Healthy Invitations…

While flipping through photographs from our travels this year I noticed that I had taken pictures of random chairs here and there.  There is nothing special about the chairs or is there?  As I look at each photo I notice something.  Each chair has its own unique characteristics.  Each chair sits solitaire in the room.  And each chair looks inviting.

I find that I ponder why I took the pictures.  Why a chair?  Why then?  Why that particular chair?  Maybe I saw an invitation…an invitation to sit…stay awhile and perhaps relax or simply contemplate life.  Maybe I saw an invitation to read a favorite book or close my eyes and take a nap…

It’s as if each chair is an open invitation to melt into a billowy state of bliss.  For me that bliss would be a state of relaxation where I let the stress of life float away.  It’s an invitation to let go and re-energize a tired body, mind and soul.

What is so wonderful is that each chair in this blog post represents one of many opportunities to sit and let the stressors of life and worries of tomorrow float away if only for a moment and an opportunity to recharge.

May we never forget to take care of ourselves.

Growing stronger…


3 thoughts on “Healthy Invitations…

  1. Pat W says:

    So good to hear from you again, Stacy. I’m adding your thoughtful posts & valuable resources to my list of “I’m thankful for….” this year! Wishing your family a warm & wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Shirley Mullen says:

    I reread your Healthy Invitation Stacy and it brings me to a relaxing state, as you intended. : ) I love to read your blogs and you always teach valuable lessons in your writing. It’s a beautiful New Year and I’m feeling so blessed with my children, grandchildren, Dad and all our families and friends. Happy New Year Stacy! Please keep writing and teaching.
    Love, Mom

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