Gulp: I Changed Career Hats

Stacy's Sun HatI’m ready to share some scary yet exciting news! As of Friday, October 23rd, 2015, I became a full time writer. No more part time blogging for me! I literally changed career hats.

Yes. You heard right. I’m blazing new trails as a full time writer. I resigned from my position in Student Services at a state college where notable alumni like Jim Morrison, lead singer from The Doors, graduated. Even something as cool as that couldn’t keep me from gracefully hanging up my Student Services career hat and placing upon my head the full time writer career hat.

Just the thought of resigning from my job was a scary proposition for me because I had the comforts of a 9-5 job. For example, each work day was filled with pre-planned responsibilities. Therefore, I knew what I had to accomplish each day. I also had job stability in that I knew I would receive a paycheck every two weeks. Now, I’m responsible for planning and organizing my work days, and I don’t know if I’m going to get paid. Now, getting paid depends on if my blog and eBooks are successful and if I can garner the attention and backing of a publishing house.

By now you might be asking, “Why did you quit your 9-5 job?” Well, as my coworkers said so eloquently via a PowerPoint presentation at a special goodbye party, “Do What You Love – Love What You Do.” And that’s as simple as it is.

In regard to the concept of doing what you love, no matter what, I can’t seem to shake my passion for writing. For example, I had the privilege, as a Student Services employee, of helping get the college campus blog running full speed ahead. During those moments, while writing the campus blog, I re-discovered that I really am passionate about writing. It didn’t matter what topic I was blogging about, I got swept up in the writing process.

Getting swept up into the writing process isn’t a new experience for me. I’ve been very aware for years that writing is something I enjoy. I’m in flow when I write. I’ve written using a variety of formats and genres. I’ve written and sent query letters and emails, and I’ve submitted manuscript after manuscript over the years to various publishing houses all in an attempt to get published. However, I didn’t pursue full time writing because I thought I needed to be a published author first. I think I had it all wrong. Instead of thinking of writing as a hobby and as something to do full time after publication, I need to “Just do it!” like Nike says.

What’s exciting is that through writing I can:

  • continue the important work of Stacy’s Flutterings blog, finally write those eBooks I’ve been wanting to write, continue to seek representation from a traditional publishing house for our memoir and start other new writing projects I’ve been planning, and the list goes on…
  • support my loved one and anyone else living with mental illness
  • advocate for those living with mental illness
  • work to prevent suicide
  • help eradicate stigma
  • provide helpful, credible resources pertaining to mental illness and wellness

As you probably can tell, I will be very busy with my new job just like I was in Student Services. So with my full time writing hat now on my head, I turn my head to the side while grasping the back of the hat brim with the fingers on my left hand and grasping the front of the hat brim with the fingers on my right hand, and I adjust my hat by quickly tilting my head forward and pulling down on the brim as if giving a quick nod of approval and to say, “See ya next time!”

Growing stronger…

6 thoughts on “Gulp: I Changed Career Hats

  1. says:

    Good luck, wonderful to take a new and brave step.  The entire work of Suicide prevention and openness needs so much public exposure.  Our local news channel just did a feature on a young man who took his own life 4 yrs. ago.  Top athlete, good family, college bound, gorgous girlfriend, by appearance he had it all…..that is what someone looking in would say about my Katy. I will never forget or recover from her attempts, riding to Sacred Heart, Code Red in the ambulance with her, listening to them trying to get her to breathe.  Or her appearing on my front porch, drunk, hysterical , calling for her daddy and saying she had been raped, having to call her husband, cops, her dad.  This is a young woman with a Master’s degree in counseling, beautiful, athletic (was), and a precious son and husband.  He unfortunately believes her family (me included) are to be out of her life, says if she dies it will be on us, I have not talked with her for 3 months….it’s hard to be 73, family all split up and hating each other.  I keep thinking it will somehow get better but she has to do the “getting better” part   so……a manuscript from a lady you don’t even know, pouring out her heart….God Bless you Stacy.

    • stacysflutterings says:


      I’m so glad to hear from you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here on Stacy’s Flutterings and being so open. I know it’s not easy. You and your family have been through so much. Not only is your daughter a suicide survivor, but you are as well just like me and countless other family members affected by the suicide attempts and/or completion of their loved one. And those on the outside of a family, looking in, can’t possibly begin to grasp the reality of what is happening on the inside of families affected by the mental illness of a loved one. I admire your strength and the fact that you have hope. I think that’s one of the common threads that binds us. As moms we can’t give up hope. I can’t ever give up on my loved ones. They’d never give up on me. We just keep going, one day at a time. You are right Vicki. She has to do the “getting better” as you shared. She knows you are here for her. She can stand tall at that. Remember, you are not alone either. You can always reach me…

      Sending hugs and positive thoughts your way!


  2. Melissa(Lisa) says:

    Just want to say congratulations and wish you well in your new hat.
    I’m so proud to call you friend for more than 30 years.

    Love you,

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