Oh Target how you get me every time…| Clipboard Discovery Becomes Content Calendar

Target ClipboardEvery time I go into Target…

I have to walk through the Target Dollar Spot aisle! Does this happen to you too? I think it’s because the items that they have in that particular aisle are the first items that you see when you walk through the doors, and most of the items are colorful, eye-catching, fun and seasonably chic. It’s like I have a Family Guy “Ooh, piece of candy!” moment! It happened to me yet again yesterday. I was at Target with my daughter and granddaughter. We were actually shopping for clothing. Even so, I stopped by the Dollar Spot…again. I just had too! Of course, there are times when I’m at Target that I just casually walk through the Dollar Spot aisle and glance at whatever catches my eye, and I don’t buy a single thing. And at other times, I’m stopped in my tracks by something that stands out like the clipboard calendar that I discovered today. I have to admit, I picked it up, looked it over and then put it down because running through my mind was the thought, “Do you really need this?” And then it happened. I picked it up and added it to our cart. In the flash of an instant, like Wonder Woman using her lasso of truth to retrieve it (I wish), I had decided that I knew what I was going to do with it. And that was that. I’m turning the clipboard calendar into a content calendar.

What is a content calendar?

A content calendar is a planning tool that you can use for recording upcoming blog post topics and dates, social media content reveal dates and much more. Content calendars come in a variety of forms such as electronic and printed forms. What’s great is that it’s up to you what type of content calendar you want to use, and you can tailor it to your needs. I happen to like visual reminders and things that are tangible. Therefore, as I shared above, the clipboard calendar that I discovered at Target will become a content calendar for Stacy’s Flutterings blog. I also use digital means for recording important dates, but I also like to have on my desk, near my computer, a calendar that I can see. It’s hands on and makes my desk look simply chic! Do you use a content calendar? Feel free to share!