A Son’s Gift: Language Matters

Have you ever had someone say something so meaningful to you it surprised you and perhaps added some pep to your step? Or maybe more?

I happened to have such an experience over the Christmas holiday. I know Christmas 2018 is behind us now, especially since it’s February.

But the gift I received catapults me forward daily. And I was reminded, when given the gift, that what we say matters, and what we say often resonates with the recipient in ways we can never imagine.

I had all of my children home for the Christmas holiday including my grandchildren. And their presence alone was a gift all by itself. But it was when I was talking with my son that I got a surprise gift, and he didn’t know he was the giver.

I don’t know about you, but I repeat stories time and time again. And that’s what I did when I was speaking with my son, Paul. When I caught myself repeating whatever it was in that moment, I said, “I’m sorry! Did I just repeat myself?”

Paul smiled his big handsome smile and said,

“It’s okay, Mom. I’ll listen to you forever.”

And we went about our business talking about whatever it was we were discussing. As always, the holiday flew by, and my kids and grandchildren left. Of course, I felt sad, and I didn’t want our time to end. But naturally, it did. However, when the kids left, I felt a bit refreshed and ready to conquer what lies ahead in large part because of what Paul said. His words resonated with me in a such a powerful way. When he said, “I’ll listen to you forever,” he told me, I’m loved. And I’m still important and valued:

  • no matter the state of my memory
  • no matter the distance
  • no matter how old I get
  • no matter my imperfections

I’m loved. And I’m still important and valued. This I know. And it came in the form of an unexpected gift. Thank you, son.

Have you had a similar experience? Has someone said something to you that made you feel important and valued? Even better yet, what have you said that just might make a difference for someone no matter their relation to you?

Until next time,

Stacy (Simply 1 Mom)