Sometimes we all need a little reminder.  I know I do.  It can be especially helpful to a person with bipolar disorder to get a reminder regarding appointments and such.  I don’t believe it is enabling.  Instead I view it as providing much needed support.  There were times we found ourselves paying for appointments that were missed, and providers would dismiss seeing our loved one due to missed appointments.  If Kim doesn’t need a reminder she tells me.  Usually though Bill, Paul, Katlin or myself will text her about an appointment.  A simple text message from one of us seems to do magic.  Of course there are many other ways to send a gentle reminder, but text messaging seems to work for us.  Just a thought.


3 thoughts on “Reminders

  1. Dan B says:

    I have an attention deficit disorder. So reminders are necessary and they must come several times per day.
    I’m on the internet often and use Firefox as my browser. Reminderfox is an add-on for Firefox that allows me to enter important dates. The reminders show up in the status bar of Firefox and about once per hour a small pop-up rises from the status bar to show me reminders for the current day and several days to come. This serves to get my attention in a way that other reminder systems cannot do.
    This reminder system helps me greatly and it’s easy to use. I especially like the frequency of the reminders, as compared to a paper calendar that I would not think to look at on a regular basis.
    I’ve only heard the term “enabling” associated with substance abuse/dependence. From that perspective, enabling means doing things for people that make it possible for them to continue abusing substances. I suppose that you mean enabling to be doing things for Kim that she could do for herself. That is, taking on responsibilities for her instead of allowing/forcing her to be responsible for herself. If that’s what you mean by enabling, I don’t think you are doing that. Rather, it seems to me that you are helping her remember things that she may not be capable of remembering herself at this point in her recovery from, and adjustment to, Bipolar Disorder. Think of it in the context of Vygotsky’s zone of proximal development (

    • stacysflutterings says:

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts Dan! I hadn’t heard about Reminderfox. What a great idea! I especially like how you discovered a reminder system that fits your particular needs. It seems that is what is key to a reminder system. Thank you also for sharing the link to “simple psychology.” What an excellent resource!

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