P.S. I Love You

Yesterday while enjoying lunch with my youngest daughter Katlin I was very moved by our conversation.  As a mother I have often found myself wondering if my adult children will remain in contact, and continue to have a close relationship with their siblings.  Katlin blessed me with insight to that very thought; it was in regards to Kim’s love of singing.

Like the changing of the tide, due to the challenges of bipolar disorder, Kim doesn’t sing as often as she desires.  Without any of us knowing Katlin has been resourceful in finding Kim singing opportunities.  I shared with Katlin how wonderful it was of her to help her sister.  Katlin replied, “Well, it is something Kim wants to do.  All I can do it set it up.  It is up to her what she does with it.”  I heard love, maturity and strength in her words that I haven’t heard before.  She remains supportive of her sister while moving forward with her own life despite the multitude of bipolar roadblocks that have been thrown in her path.  Katlin is coping beautifully, and she is a role model for me.  You can actually catch a glimpse of Kim singing one of her favorite songs by Christina Aguilera below.  The video is from the 2007 February Frolics show at the high school.

Katlin leads a very full life.  She has moved into her first apartment, and is busy working as a manager full-time in the food industry.  She works a second job at the church nursery and also volunteers for the Karla Smith Foundation.   However, she is unequivocally available for her sister.  Their bond reminds me of a letter.  A beautiful sister bond has been carefully scripted through love, friendship and encouragement.  The editing includes the constant working through the inevitable sibling quarrels, and usual family ups and downs including the bipolar moments…and yet at the end of the letter, and   underscored, it appears that they never fail to mention to one another, “P.S. I love you.”