A Broken Understanding

Last weekend, our little family among millions accomplished something grand. It’s actually so monumental to us as a family that I imagine that the universe celebrated along with us at the very moment that it happened maybe even with the creation of a new star out there somewhere in the galaxy. The residue from broken … Continue reading A Broken Understanding

Throwback Thursday | Remembering a Happy Full Nest

This Throwback Thursday post is all about remembering when I had a happy full nest. It's still happy but just half empty now. The picture included in this post captures Kim, Katlin and Paul celebrating Katlin's 3rd birthday and years later her 16th birthday. I think that both moments, that we somehow managed to captured, are adorable. Don't you think so? … Continue reading Throwback Thursday | Remembering a Happy Full Nest

A Beautiful Nest…

Today, I awoke to the sweet melody of birds singing outside my bedroom window and a sunbeam that cast a glowing, wispy blanket of light across my room, and in that moment I felt thankful and blessed... Welcome back to our story!  It has been awhile since I have written a blog post!  I have … Continue reading A Beautiful Nest…

The Power of 2!

According to bpchildren.org, "Because bipolar disorder is a chronic illness, it continually effects family life and taxes your parenting abilities.  Parents sometimes experience caregiver burnout, compassion fatigue, or secondary trauma as a result of their child's illness.  This can happen especially after a child has been unstable for an extended period of time.  Parents who … Continue reading The Power of 2!

Calm Waters

I woke up today thinking about how thankful I am for my family, and I realized that up until now I have shared with everyone a little bit about Bill, Kim and Katlin.  However, I have not spoken yet about my son.  Actually, I believe that there is a reason I have waited.  I’ll try … Continue reading Calm Waters

The Memory Hutch

I have talked about meeting phenomenal people while in Ottawa, Kansas, and I have shared how blessed we are to have the immeasurable support of the Karla Smith Foundation as our family copes with the mental illness of our loved one.  However, I would also like to share with you a story about a phenomenal … Continue reading The Memory Hutch