Joplin Reflections ~ Day 3

October 21st, 2011

Busy day and loving this!  Finished the shelving unit and Tony assigned a new project to myself, Tim, and Joe.  Tim and Joe are from the area and also volunteered to help for most of the week.

Camera crew and stars came in and did a scene with a bunch of volunteers.  We had a lot of fun while they shot the scene, although I did have to take off my Jeep hat!  LOL!  While the crew set up the scene I chatted with a few volunteers who were going to be in the scene.  The ladies were so excited and nervous, and I had some fun with them by teasing them.  I hope the show realizes just how big of an impact they have on people.  Getting away from daily life and problems means a lot, and this is such a wonderful way of escapism.  I had the ladies look busy with fake sanding and woodworking while I actually adjusted the drawer in the shelving unit shown below.

The new project is a Buddhist Altar, and we are excited to begin!  After getting the plans, we laid out the material and began rough cutting the pieces.  This is going to be a challenging project and must be stained which means we can’t make mistakes.  I think we are all nervous about this project, and we want to do a good job.  I know it will turn out fantastic!

We finished the day very tired and ready to begin assembly of the cabinet in the morning.  I’m pretty sure I’ll have trouble sleeping thinking about the project!!!

Almost forgot the best parts of days two and three; getting to chat with Jannie and her sister Betty in the catering tent.  Jannie was at the Hill Family build and is such a sweetheart!  I have lunch and dinner at the tent and make sure I get a hug from them!