Painting of a Life!

I have heard a picture is worth a thousand words and yet I would like to add that it is also worth so much more than that!  It can be worth a life!  What do I mean by life?  I have a very special someone who is coping lately with the ups and downs of not only a mood disorder but also the ups and downs of life!  Life seems scattered now, and happiness seems to be out of reach.  We find ourselves together in the midst of the chaos visiting about life.  I find that I like to share with her my thoughts about gaining control over a beautiful life worth living!

It goes like this…sometimes I perceive life as a painting.  As we move through each day we add to our painting the brushstrokes of life.  Our painting consists of whatever shades we choose.  Maybe some days are filled with vibrant fiery colors like oranges and reds.  And maybe other days we paint with faint shades of blue.  Our painting of course captures who we are, where we have been, and where we want to head.  What is so wonderful is that we have the power of choice!  We can add and blend away experiences so that our painting is a reflection of what we want, not what someone else wants.  Our painting reflects who we are and who we want to be!  Yes, we sometimes have bad and even painful experiences.  Here is the awesome part!  We can change that!  We can blend the bad away.  We can add new colors and dimension to our painting.  It might be that today we start a new job or we meet a new friend.  Okay…  Let’s add that!  It can be a part of “your” painting.  It is your life.  It is your painting.  You own it.  You frame it with your unique touch!  With each good and bad experience we change our painting a little more and day by day, brushstroke by brushstroke we create a beautiful painting; the painting of our life!  What will you paint today?