Joplin Reflections ~ Day 6

We worked on the steps today.  We had hoped to finish them around 6pm, but  ended up working until 9pm.  I spent most of the day building intricate drawers for the shelves.  Yesterday I had promised the designer that I would add a nice detail to the drawers, and she stopped by around noon and loves the piece!  The steps will be painted tomorrow, and we should be installing them late night.

Missed having my helpers from day 5!  Today my helper was Joe.  He is from Joplin and will be helping for the next couple of days.  We had a good day and had filming of a scene in our area late into the evening.

The shelf unit is turning out fantastic, and I probably can’t share any more pictures once they start to finish it tomorrow.  Hopefully the pic below does it justice.

The steps are curved on the sides and have three drawers in the bottom step and two in the top.  The top drawers will store costume jewelry etc… and the bottom drawers will hold the costumes.  I’m so honored to get the opportunity to build this piece.  My heart is filled with pure joy!!!

During the scene filmed tonight a couple of ladies in the group of volunteers were from Saint Louis so I chatted with them and had them help me sand a couple of the drawers on the steps.  They were having a great time and couldn’t believe that I work for IBM.  They thought I was one of the crew!

I took the volunteers comments as a huge compliment and realize more and more that I should be doing more to help others!  Hopefully over the next few years Stacy and I can really begin heading in that direction.  I’ve always known that I’m supposed to be doing something meaningful and very fulfulling.  Work is fantastic, and I’m very good at what I do, but I know I’m supposed to be doing something else.  I am hopeful that the void will be filled!  Who knows where this is heading and where we go next.  All I know is that I am happy and content helping people, and I want to do more!

Tomorrow I’ll turn the steps up so you can see the detail and how I designed the curved pieces and drawer components.  Also hoping to get one picture with a designer!

Until tomorrow!