Joplin Reflections ~ Day 5

October 23rd, 2011

I am running a bit late this morning, and Chris is waiting for me at Art World…  I got on site around 9, and met up with Chris.  Everyone was a bit behind this morning so I wandered over to see Javier at the catering trailer.  I had a great cup of coffee, and Javier made me a delicious breakfast wrap!  It was great to see him, and I showed him pictures of Stacy and Birgit.  He lit up and says, “Hello!”

Chris and I helped work on the altar and then got assigned to a new project.  Gina’s dad Loren also joined us, and we went to house #4 to check measurements.  The new project is a set of faux steps for a girls room, and it is an amazing design!  I can’t wait to see it finished, and I will share pics as it comes together.

We spent the day cutting the pieces for the base step, and the other team members finished the altar!  The altar is amazing, and it will be finished in the next few days!

Today was exactly why I want to volunteer!  It is simply getting to experience life and have an impact!  The impact today was getting to work with Chris and Loren, what an amazing opportunity to see and help them give back to other families.  I think Loren had a great time, and it was fun getting to know Chris.

We finished most of the first step, and I’ll be very busy tomorrow!  I’ll definitely be missing my helpers from today!