The Blessings from Ottawa Continue to Shine!

It was just last Friday morning, November 4th, 2011 that I decided to check my email with eyes blurry from sleep and a body that felt very heavy as I sank into my desk chair.  As I attempted to focus on the day ahead, and sipped my usual cup of coffee I clicked the Windows Mail icon.

What a wonderful surprise I had sitting in my inbox!  Just like that I perked up and took notice.  A volunteer I had met back in August while on the EMHE Hill Family build emailed to say, “Hi!” and to share his excitement as we all prepared to watch the airing of the show!  I hadn’t heard from him since the build.  The enthusiasm last Friday was contagious as everyone involved in the build from the EMHE crew to the volunteers to the Hill Family shared news of the upcoming episode.

The email touched me so.  I had said in my very first blog post that I had met some amazing people while in Ottawa, and in a later post I said that I would never forget them!  I haven’t, and I never will….and this is one such person.

This person against obstacle after obstacle forges ahead giving back, and he expects nothing in return.  He exemplifies what a volunteer is.  My how he shines!  He said since the Hill Family build he started volunteering at a community center in the area.  He shared that due to his experience in Ottawa he has decided to make a lifelong commitment to volunteerism.  He was so touched by helping build the Hill’s new home that it changed his life!  Wow!  A life changed!  How exciting that is and inspiring!

From the heart ~ I thank him for gently reminding me how profound that week was and inspiring me to continue writing about those that touch us most, those we don’t want to forget and those we want to support!