November, 12th, 2011 Bill and I spent the day at the Four Points by Sheraton in Fairview Heights helping with preparations for the 5th annual Karla Smith Foundation dinner auctionWhat a warm and special time we had.

It was incredible to see and feel the energy as the event unfolded and came alive!  We worked alongside incredible people.  We reconnected with amazing new friends that we made in Ottawa and had the privilege and joy of getting to see and visit with the Hill Family as well as the Middlebusher’s!  How lucky can we be?!

In the midst of everything there was an air of hope.  Hope, as graceful as a ribbon, was woven through and touched everything from the beautiful Smith Family, the volunteers, attendees, friends, acquaintances, support group members, the Alton Youth Symphony Chamber, the wonderful emcee Andy Banker from Fox 2 News, the Tree of Hope to the auction items, the display pieces, the lighting…you name it…hope flourished.  It elegantly made its presence as it gently unfolded, intertwined and ever so touched us…

Bill and I for the first time publicly spoke about our story…hope lifted us as we found ourselves wanting to recoil into the depths of our sadness.  Hope prevailed.

At the end of the evening I had the pleasure of meeting the special new owner of the memory hutch Bill designed and built.  As the new owner spoke to me I knew that all along the memory hutch was being built just for her, and we didn’t even know it!  I just get goose bumps thinking about it.  Hope lives!  Hope thrives!


2 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Shirley Mullen says:

    Stacy, hearing about the KSF Auction and especially through your eyes and heart, it gives us all hope in all our lives where ever we go. As you said, like a ribbon in and out and around our lives and others.
    You’re a blessing Stacy Ann.
    Love, Mom

    • stacysflutterings says:

      Thank you Mom ~ I love you. I don’t want to forget the experience so I thought I would write something about. It was just incredible. It in interesting because it doesn’t feel like I am working when I volunteer for KSF. I wish I could work alongside them all of the time! I hope one of these days you get to meet the Smith’s and Chris Hendrix! They are incredible people! What was so special too is that Katlin was with Bill and I the evening of the auction. It made it beyond special.

      Love, Stacy

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