Plugged In…

It was pretty cool the other day!  I heard Kim yelling from her room, “Hey! Mom?!”  I headed that direction, and I really enjoyed what happened.  It was eye-opening.  She has been living with Bill and I for a few months now but never really settled back in.  However, I think that this has changed.  When I walked into her room she said, “Look!  I’m plugged in!”  She literally was!  Her lamp that had been sitting for days, turned to months, was plugged in!  Her Scentsy Candle Warmer had also sat with no attention paid to it, but on this day it was plugged in.  And…it was warm and bright!  As I glanced around the room a sweet scent filled the air, and Kim motioned with her hand as if to say, “Look!”  She had made quite the progress in cleaning and organizing her room.  You see for months her lamp sat on a dusty nightstand in the corner of a dark room.  Not this day!  I shared with her that I thought it was interesting that as her life continues to come together she just happened to say that she is plugged in!  She really is in more ways than one!  It is so refreshing to see!  It was definitely a sunshine moment for us!


One thought on “Plugged In…

  1. Shirley Mullen says:

    Stacy, reading this was so heartwarming and full of hope. Our prayers are being answered and will continue to go up each and every day for our girl and each one of you. It will truly be a Happy Thanksgiving for us all knowing that Kimberly is having good days. Love you all to the moon and back!! Keep writing, I look forward to each posting. : )

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