Say It Out Loud In Illinois and Across the Globe!

I just learned about an awesome project!  The Regional Family Leadership Initiative of the Illinois Children’s Mental Health Partnership has announced the 2012 Children’s Mental Health Poster Contest!  The theme is: Say it Out loud! – Children’s Mental Health Doesn’t Have to be a Family Secret.  Contest rules and submission details are available at

I am so thankful to live in the times we do.  So many doors are opening regarding mental health…

When I saw the announcement for the contest and saw the words “Say it Out Loud” I instantly thought back to the last time our beautiful loved one was in the hospital after a second suicide attempt.   There she was…walking the line between life and death…in a coma…and there I was…wanting to scream to the universe that we had a problem and that we needed help.  At that very moment I embraced whatever was and whatever is to come regarding her mental health and whispered in her ear that I will never give up…we will do this together.  For she would do the same for me, and I would never want anyone to ever give up on me.  So for Kim and anyone coping with the challenges of maintaining mental health balance I will continue to say it out loud.

Knowledge really is power, and the more we talk about mental health in our schools, communities and among our families the stronger we will become not only for ourselves but for the very ones we live for.

We will say it out loud together…not just  in Illinois but across the globe!