Humor at the King’s House | The Traveling Christmas Tree Ornaments

TravelingOrnamentsPhotoI noticed yesterday, after a quick glance at our Christmas tree, that the ornaments that were carefully placed on the tree a few weeks ago have moved!

Say what? They Moved?!

Yes, the ornaments have moved. Let me see if I can explain. A few weeks back, my oldest daughter had neatly hung each ornament in a random fashion on most of the tree limbs. Well…the ornaments were hung as high as she could reach on her tiptoes without a ladder, and they covered as much of the tree as possible. The fact that the ornaments were hung only so high was quite okay with us. For the most part, we’ve been happy that the tree has been decorated, and it has become an inviting centerpiece in our living room with its colorful ornaments, twinkling lights and warm glow. However, fast forward to today, and things have changed!

How have things changed?

Ahem…well…we had everything in its place: one 9 foot tree standing tall against one of the living room walls secured by a Christmas tree base, a linen white, quilted tree skirt neatly placed on the floor and carefully spread around the tree, a few wrapped gifts nestled under the tree, and ornaments hung with care…I’m sitting in my office typing these words with a smile on my face, and I’m shaking my head. The Christmas tree ornaments are no longer in their designated place. Let me see if I can describe what I see when I’m in the living room. I see: one 9 foot tree standing tall against one of the living rooms walls secured by a Christmas tree base, a linen white, quilted tree skirt now graced with glitter and a few Legos here and there, wrapped gifts nestled under the tree that, due to their location, appear to have been moved, and I see…wait for it! Drum roll please! I see ornaments that have moved to the middle of the tree! There are no longer ornaments gracing the bottom half of the tree, and there are no ornaments gracing the top of the tree (since it’s too high), and so all the ornaments now reside somewhere in the middle of the tree.

LilyChristmasVisitI imagine that you are wondering what happened to our Christmas tree?!

Simply put, we have a two year old in the house! And now, in addition to an adorable two year old, who can’t resist temptation, and likes to remove the ornaments so that she can take a closer look, we have the cutest puppy ever who is curious as well. Do you see her to the left? (Isn’t she adorable?) Just imagine: a Christmas tree decorated with all of the ornaments, somewhere in the middle, a two year old running by the tree with a fluffy puppy bouncing a long behind her! I couldn’t be happier! It doesn’t matter where our Christmas tree ornaments are hung. What matters is that we are together. And I love it! Happy holidays everyone!

Growing stronger…