Wednesday Wanderings | I received an order for 3,000 butter cookies!

Katlin and Lily
Katlin and Lily

This past week, Bill and I had the privilege of having all three of our kids home for the holidays. What a fabulous time we had! We even had the honor of having our youngest daughter Katlin’s puppy with us. Katlin’s puppy’s name is Lily, and we all just love her! Of course, many conversations were had between all of us, and I imagine that at times our neighbors could hear the laughter that must have spilled and splashed like the sunshine on a glorious sunny morning beyond our backyard patio, where we oftentimes sat, into their backyards. From this important, and special, time in our lives comes the quote that I’m going to share this week for the weekly Wednesday Wanderings blog post. The quote is actually quite funny! I hope you enjoy…


What’s the funny quote that I’m talking about?

The quote actually comes from our youngest daughter, Katlin. A few days before her arrival in Florida, she called me and calmly, yet with a higher than usual tone,  said, “You’re making cookies, right?! I’m ordering 3,000 butter cookies!” If you knew Katlin, you’d know that she was fairly serious. Of course, I responded to her request by sharing with her that I didn’t intend on making 3,000 butter cookies, but that I’d make butter cookies. I told her that I was thinking about making a double-batch rather than her order of 3,000. She tried to persuade me with, “Well, I’ll share half with everyone, but I’ll take the other 1,500!” Can you tell that  my daughter really likes butter cookies? The problem is, I do too, and so does Bill, Paul, Kim and our granddaughters.

Did I make the 3,000 butter cookies?

bowltestimageWe made cookies, but we didn’t make 3,000! Well, I have to be honest. Katlin ended up making the cookies! She made about 3 batches, I believe, and by the time everyone headed home after the holidays, there wasn’t a single cookie nor crumb to prove this story even happened. However, I do happen to have a couple of pictures that I took as Katlin made the cookies.

Proof the butter cookies were made!

The pictures below are evidence that indeed cookies were made! I can attest to the fact that they were delicious! Thank you Katlin for making such a yummy treat! We are all looking forward to next years butter cookies! I wonder who will be making them next year?! Until next time, I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!